Large Vehicle Auto Wash Systems

Westmatic Drive-through and Rollovers Large Vehicle Auto Wash Systems

Clean Machine - The Exclusive Partners of Westmatic in Australia

Clean Machine in Adelaide, South Australia is the exclusive dealer for Westmatic in Australia. Westmatic, a Swedish multinational, is a manufacturer of automatic Large Vehicle Wash Systems which include environmentally-friendly Bus Wash, Truck Wash, and Train Wash equipment. Since 1974, Westmatic has developed a reputation for building the highest quality, most innovative bus wash, truck wash, and train wash equipment in the world. Auto truck wash owners in Adelaide love this system because of:

  • Revolutionary operational technology
  • Custom settings for different vehicle types, including but not limited to,transit buses, trains, trams, motorcoaches, truck and trailer combinations and heavy equipment.
  • Brilliant wash results with low cost of operations
  • Equipped with latest PLC technology
  • Comes with a standard LCD touchscreen wash program selector and step by-step self-diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Remote access by Clean Machine to help diagnose and program.
  • Reduced consumption of water, chemical and electricity
  • Less than 30 minutes of maintenance requirements per month
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Applications of Westmatic Large Vehicle Auto Wash Systems

Westmatic Train auto wash system

Westmatic ‘Train’ Auto Wash Systems

Westmatic Auto Wash Systems for Trains in Adelaide Rail vehicles transporting goods, services, or passengers present a unique challenge to clean or decontaminate. With over 40 years' experience cleaning railway vehicles worldwide, Westmatic is proud to offer customizable train wash solutions based on your fleet ...
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Westmatic large mining vehicle autowash

Westmatic Mining and Construction Large Vehicle Auto Wash Systems

Westmatic Auto Wash Systems for Large Vehicles in Mining and Construction in Adelaide Mining trucks and related equipment such as bulldozers, haul trucks, and loaders face extreme operating conditions. Maintaining the useful life of these vehicles presents a unique challenge for Owners. Westmatic offers a ...
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Westmatic public transportation auto wash systema

Westmatic Public Transportation Vehicle Wash Systems

Westmatic Auto Wash Systems for Public Transportation Vehicles in Adelaide The importance of public transportation and municipalities to project a clean, professional image to increase ridership and improve vehicle life span has never been greater. Getting your fleet washed and back to servicing your riders ...
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Westmatic Truck Auto wash system

Westmatic ‘Truck’ Auto Wash Systems

Westmatic Auto Wash Systems for Large Sized Trucks in Adelaide Whether you're an owner/operator, corporate fleet, or retail truck wash site owner, Westmatic offers a variety of large vehicle wash systems which will help you maintain a clean fleet image. Fleet size, vehicle configuration, and ...
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