3000 Psi | 15 L/Min | Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner – B.A.R. K801

3000 Psi | 15 L/Min | Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner - B.A.R. K801

B.A.R. K801 - Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

The BAR K series is a heavy duty industrial electric pressure cleaner that offers simply the best motor and pump group available. It is ideally suited to the heavy-duty professional user, for example, the transport industry, car washes etc.

The K801 uses the premium COMET RW series pump that comes standard with heavy duty external unloader, external bypass valve and delayed total stop, which significantly reduces wear on stop starting components. The pump is directly coupled to a heavy duty 4 pole electric motor running at 1400 rpm through a coupling system designed for intensive use.

The BAR K801 is distributed in South Australia by Clean Machine at 410 Churchill Road, Kilburn.

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3000 Psi cold water high pressure cleaner by BAR

  • Slow speed
  • Rugged high pressure water cleaners
  • Made for tough Australian cleaning applications
  • Brass plunger pump
  • Ceramic pistons
  • Time delayed auto shut down
  • Stainless steel frame with stainless cover
Specification Unit of Measurement Value
Pump Pressure Bar/Psi 210/3000
Water Flow L/min 15
Pump RPM 1450
Power Consumption kW 5.5
Input V 415
Pistons Type Ceramic
Hose Length m 10
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