Westmatic Mining and Construction Large Vehicle Auto Wash Systems

Westmatic Auto Wash Systems for Large Vehicles in Mining and Construction in Adelaide

Westmatic large mining vehicle autowash

Mining trucks and related equipment such as bulldozers, haul trucks, and loaders face extreme operating conditions. Maintaining the useful life of these vehicles presents a unique challenge for Owners.

Westmatic offers a complete line of customizable heavy duty touchless truck wash systems capable of removing heavy debris from all areas of the truck.

Our touchless machines are available in drive-through and gantry models and are equipped with self-adjusting, robotic high-pressure spray booms. The booms are capable of contouring and adapting to different vehicle sizes and shapes. This provides for incredibly thorough cleaning results and maximum spray impact. With a wide range of high-pressure and high-volume pump packages available Westmatic will help you determine the best option for cleaning your fleet and reducing vehicle maintenance costs.

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